You Make Your Own World

by The Saucy Jacks

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Debut LP from the Saucy Jacks, Oakland-based mod power-pop explosion!

Released on vinyl by Chocolate Covered Records


released October 27, 2015

Aaron Burnham: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
Marty Garrett: Bass and Synths
Charlie Knote: Drums and Percussion

Produced & Engineered by Aaron Burnham at Chocolate Covered Studio in Oakland, CA
Additional Engineers: Paul Tyler (R.I.P.), Phil Manley
Mastered by Roger Siebel at SAE Mastering
Cover photo by Jeremy Harris

All songs written by Aaron Burnham (BMI),
except “Flake Out” written by Burnham (BMI)/Garrett(ASCAP)



all rights reserved


The Saucy Jacks Oakland, California

The Saucy Jacks is lead by Aaron Burnham on Vocals and Guitar with Marty Garrett on bass, Mark Ostopiak on drums, and Julie Chandler on keyboard.
Aaron picked up where his previous band The Makes Nice left off to create melodic retro pop as The Saucy Jacks.
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Track Name: When the Axe Comes Down
Girl, I love pushing all your buttons
Flipping all of your switches on
That’s how I know that you’re ready for action
We’ll burn the lamp till the oil’s all gone

But if you think a few lovely midnights
Are gonna matter when you mess around
Girl, you got another thing coming
Ooh, I wonder if you’ll even hear the sound

When the axe comes down
You may find that your head
Has fallen on the ground
I look real hard, but I don’t see
What makes you think you’re good enough for me?

Girl, you must be half-gone crazy
If you think I’ll ever take you back
You got me feeling all the wrong emotions
Take me over like a heart attack
‘Cause guys like me like the right kind of purebred
Ain’t got the time to mess around with mutts
And now I got a new draft going
And girls like you ain’t gonna make the cut
When the axe comes down
Track Name: Cock of the Walk
When I roll into the club
Y’know my shit be turning heads
I seek out all the suckers
Then I turn ‘em on their dreads
Yeah, they know their shit is weak
So now they got to flee
The rest all stick around
‘cause they know ladies drink for free

So hey little girl
I’m gonna ruffle up those feathers
Girl, can’t you see?
I’m cock of the walk

Cruisin’ in my Jaguar
My lady’s riding bitch
The world and all its pleasures
sitting at our fingertips
Here she says that she can mix
a drink that stirs the mind
So buckle up, my deary
‘cause we drink the stars tonight
Track Name: Something on Her Mind
She’s got something on her mind
Underneath the sheets, it keeps her up at night
It should come as no surprise
That a woman’s dreams will draw her
You could look her in the eyes
But you’ll find that they will wander
She’s got something on her mind, but it ain’t you

You got nothing over her
You should know by now
The chase has just begun
You can try with all your might
But you’re always the intruder
You will never get inside
If you lack the words to woo her
She’s got something on her mind, but it ain’t you
And you’re thinking that she might, but it ain’t you
Track Name: C'mon Jenny
Summer days with their pale blue sky
If you turn your head, they’ll fly right by
I know these times aren’t your cup of tea
But why live in a world that you never see?

I wanna go and watch the people dance
And look at you beneath the city lights
‘Cause if we’re ever gonna have a chance
We gotta go and seek it out tonight

Jenny’s getting ready for the party
Jenny’s getting ready way too slow
Spends an hour sitting at her vanity
Jenny needs some powder for her nose

Sun comes up as the night winds down
You can see the remnants all around
Extinguished ashes and empty beers
And knickers hanging from the chandelier

Jenny’s made a new best friend
Some girl she’s never met before
And now I want the fun to end
But Jenny’s always wanting more

Jenny never wants to leave the party
All the kids in town know how it goes
If you wanna keep up with my baby
You’re gonna need some powder for your nose
Track Name: You Make Your Own World
Remember when you painted pictures in the sky?
You never needed any money, never had a reason why
But everybody liked to tell you where you were
That it was such the wrong thing that you were thinking
But you didn’t listen, so they sent you off to sea
And all that time you treaded water
It just made it that much harder
to reclaim all the feeling you’d been hiding away

I’m waiting on you to understand this time
I’m waiting on you to make your own world

What do you see when you shut your eyes so tight?
Is it a deep dark sleep, or a midsummer night?
And what do you hear when the people all cry out?
Does it make you wanna hide, or does it make you wanna
shout about the way you could change it all?
And what do you taste when you sip your cabernet?
Do you savor every sip, or are you drinking to forget
about the way you behaved last night?
Yeah, you drank it away
Track Name: A Cut Above
I could never be the one
That you’ve been dreaming of all your life
‘Cause you’ve been flying for the sun
But you’ll never get that high
How many years was it your heart was climbing?
Your paper dolls, your innocent designing
And when did all the laughter turn to crying?
And just who started your descent?
And could I ever pick you up again?

You take a piece of my heart, everything I am
And then you know I’ll never let it tear us apart
Oh, you know who you are
You always shoot for the sky
But you know I’m right there with you
Why you wanna say goodbye?
Oh, you only want a cut above

I’d been waiting for the day
A girl like you would fly on by
Even when you lost your way
Your vapors lit up all the sky
And I still don’t know just how you do it
Or if I’m strong enough to lead you through it
But you know I’ll put my all into it
If you put your trust in me
I’ll show what this world can really be
Track Name: My Kind of Star
You tell me all the time
About the pain, your troubled mind
About the way the whole wide world
has let you down,
Ten times around
‘Cause they’ll never believe
In something they can’t see
And they may never know
The worlds you mean to me
But maybe through the years
I’ll put your mind at ease

Don’t you know what you are?
You’re my kind of star, shining so dark
Always trying to be something you’re not
Don’t you know what you got?
Why can’t you see?

‘Cause though we both pretend
Some dreadful day, this world must end
And you know I can’t think of anybody else
I’d rather spend all the years till then with
So let’s take in the life that’s paved for you and I
Can’t you see you the way? It’s written in the sky
And even in the darkness, my, your eyes are bright

Baby, you and I better start
Perfecting the art of joining apart
Never wanna be something you hide
When the world is so wide
Why can’t you see?
Track Name: Summer's Almost Over
Baby baby, you know you’re so superior
To all the girls I see around
And when I’m near you
Your smile draws me nearer
But then again, so does your frown

I hate it when you roll your eyes that way
And say you’ve heard it all before
I say the sweetest things I have to say
But still you’re always wanting more

Baby baby, take a look at me
See the things that you wanna see
If you think I’ll ever let you down
Baby baby, take a look around

Baby baby, the summer’s almost over
Before we even realize
There’s so much left for us to discover
Looking into each other’s eyes

I hate it when you turn your back on me
And think I won’t put up a fight
If you think I’ll give up that easily
Then I guess you’re exactly right
Track Name: Goin' Out Tonight
When you see me coming in the evening
My blood is pumping through my body like gasoline
A loose cannon sittin waitin for my spark
And when it hits me, gonna leave you sitting in the dark

I’m goin out tonight, where you’ll never find me
Close your eyes, and I’m miles away
Goin out tonight and getting reckless
Goin out till the break of day

You wanna stop me, but there’s not much you can do
I’m not the kinda guy who’s got a lotta things to lose
Never know when I’m gonna make my escape
So sorry, sweetie, didn’t really catch your name

And when my heart is racing, I take one just to bring me down
Then when the sun is setting
I take another to bring me back around
Track Name: You Never Know
You never know, Allison, just how far we’ll go
Unless you let us, let go of your senses
And maybe in time, you will find
There’s nowhere to run, and no need to worry
We weren’t so bad, were we?

You talk too much, you know that you do
Speaking your mind, forgetting what’s true
All of the time, you say it’s so
You think you’re sure, but you never know

I’ve seen it all, Allison, and each time you fall
You reach all around us, and pull it all downwards
And though I might try, Allison, all of the time
I’m always resented, you’re never contented

And I carry on, but I don’t know why
If this is the end, then let’s say goodbye
If you don’t know, I’ll make it clear
This is the end now, Allison dear
Track Name: Blown Like a Kiss
You’re a jetsetter, barely a bedroom to call your own
Quite the go-getter when you don’t wanna be alone
But I was there that day that we barely missed
We had a moment, but it’s gone, blown like a kiss

I should’ve known better than to dance with a memory
I wrote a love letter, but I still haven’t learned to read
If I had, I’d know, it would end like this
We had a moment, but it’s gone, blown like a kiss

If I take my time, then you must resist
If I lose interest, lead me on
If I’m too forward, say it’s wrong
Wait for the moment till it’s gone, blown like a kiss
Track Name: Everywhere You Go
I’ve taken all that I can stand
Can’t get your head out of the sand
All the sky above has lost its blue
That big black smoke is chasing you
Everywhere you go

So now your aim is at its end
You’re packing up your things again
Everything you wanted us to be
Is just enough to make you leave
Everywhere you go

There’s something great you left behind
There’s something better you can’t find
After all these years, the words have changed
But still the song remains the same
Everywhere you go
Track Name: Flake Out
You say that you won’t flake out
But I know you always do
And the story that you spin me
It's never ringing very true

You got me waiting, thinking of a life worth living
And my head won't stop spinning around
Wondering why

Why should I fall for what you say?
When you're never gonna go my way
And I can't let go when you never show
But you keep me holding on

Your life is like a movie
And you always play your part
Words, words, words
Nothing from the heart

You keep me watching,
Thinking of a life worth living
And my head won't stop
Spinning around
Wondering why